Botanicals 4 Life Thyme & Licorice Extract 100ml


Botanicals 4 Life Thyme & Licorice Extract – 100ml

Thyme and Licorice Extract is a potent combination of herbs rich in aromatic oils and other key nutrients. This combination has traditionally been used by herbalists for respiratory support.

Botanicals 4 Life use a unique triple extraction process using both alcohol and cold water in order to maximise the uptake of the full spectrum of key nutrients. In the 3rd stage of extraction, the alcohol is evaporated and replaced with glycerine. Vegetable glycerine is low GI and acts as a natural preservative.

Our extracts come in easy to use droppers and can be taken directly under the tongue, or mixed in with a little water. This aromatic, sweet combination can be taken straight off the spoon, or added to warm water for a delicious, comforting drink.

 Ingredients Vegetable glycerine, Thyme, Licorice