Planet Paleo Pure Collagen Matcha Latte 225g


Kickstart your morning with our delicious, nutrient-packed matcha collagen latte. Matcha is the perfect partner to our grass-fed collagen peptides.

✓ Grass-fed beef collagen from farms with superior animal welfare

✓ Rich in amino acids lacking in muscle meats

✓ Supports strong joint, digestive and nervous system health

✓ Naturally light and refreshing with no added sugar

This high-grade ceremonial Japanese tea is prized for its superior antioxidant content and catechins, including a compound called EGCG. Unlike regular green tea, which is made from brewing tea leaves, matcha green tea is powdered whole leaf tea, which gives you over 100 times the antioxidants of regular brewed green tea. We combine the purest organic matcha with clean grass-fed Pure Collagen for a gently uplifting and clarifying beverage to fuel your day, focus your mind and give you a concentrated superfood boost. We add zesty organic lemon peel extract, cinnamon and vanilla for a true latte twist, all complemented with the creaminess of coconut milk.

Whether you want to enjoy this smooth latte at home or take a sachet on the go, take some time to unwind and cultivate a little Zen.

Ingredients Pure Collagen (bovine collagen) Green Matcha Latte Blend (green Matcha*, coconut milk powder*, cinnamon*, lemon peel powder*, vanilla) *organic ingredient