Mg12 Magnesium Recovery Spray 150ml Vegan


Mg12 Recovery Spray provides a slow release of Magnesium via Transdermal Absorption. The spray gently soaks into skin for up to an hour after application, which makes it ideal for use before, during or after exercise.

The highly-concentrated formula allows for quick and effective Magnesium absorption.

Mg12 Recovery Spray is ideal for targeting sore muscle groups or joints. Absorption begins immediately, after application.

We especially love this product as it’s manufactured in Warrinton, Cheshire and it comes in a metal bottle.

Ingredients Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate, Purified water, Organic Essential Oils, Active Ingredient: Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)

Concentration: 32%

Directions for Use

Apply Mg12 Recovery Spray directly onto your skin and massage the formula until fully absorbed.

Spray the formula between 10-12 times on each area of your body.

Mg12 Recovery Spray can be used all over the body, and especially over areas with muscular or joint pain.

Use of the spray is encouraged once or twice per day, to maintain good levels of Magnesium.